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Basketball Sports Flooring

Indoor Sports Flooring – “Sports is extremely important in the lives of us all and not only in those professional sportsman”. The game itself represents enjoyment, enthusiasm and willpower. This is why a sports flooring that brings out the best in our performance, makes the challenge even more enjoyable.

We supply and Install indoor Sports Court Flooring for Volleyball Court, Basketball, Tennis and Multi-purpose Court with different types of materials that will suit the best for surrounding and as per the client requirements

    Basketball Sports Flooring
  • Non slip effect
  • Highly elastic
  • Wide range of colors
  • Wide range of thickness

The innovative sports surfaces system reduce strains and injuries from leg, ligament or lower back, while enhancing performance levels through a patented multi – layered cushion design. The sports performance quality required of the floor surface vary from sport to sport and relate to the interaction of the ball and / or the player to the surface.

Quality, longevity and low maintenance are high quality proven standards of flooring. High performance court surfaces provide unmatched, long- lasting cushion properties to reduce the stress and fatigue on players.


+971 2 6441316