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Outdoor Sports Flooring

The quality of indoor and outdoor sports flooring is extremely important for all those involved in sport. The flooring must be versatile enough for different sports and meet the requirements of both the players who require a safe and comfortable playing surface and the facility manager in terms of inexpensive running costs.

Our wide range of products for courts help us meet the requirements of even the most demanding sportsmen, with courts that ensure playing comfort and top performance. Our quality is certified by the I.T.F. (International Tennis Federation) and the F.I.T. (Italian Tennis Federation). The exceptional performance, playing comfort and attractive finish of our products make our courts the most acclaimed and technically advanced courts in the world. Our systems, which are ideal for sport courts, are also used very successfully for 5-A-Side soccer, volleyball, basketball and handball courts etc.

We have a range of top quality products for any outdoor sports that guarantees the highest level of safety, quality and accuracy. It has good radio resistance, good drainage, and better air permeability. The price for maintenance is low. It has long life with 5-8 year. It can be used in all seasons.

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